About Mike and Heather

Mike and Heather Hughes originally purchased the property for the purpose of operating a small hobby farm; however, after hosting their own wedding and reception in 2019, they knew that they were sitting on something special.

The experience was incredibly memorable for all, and they wanted to be able to share that experience with others and offer other couples the opportunity for a beautiful and affordable experience as well! So, it is with this passion and intent that The Woven Willow was born.

Years later, Mike and Heather’s guests are still talking about their wedding — the luxious landscape, sitting on bales of hay, and enjoying a delicious olde’ fashioned meal in the barn! The Hughes’ continue to work tirelessly to make their acreage into a unique setting for any venue and continue to add to their original vision.  

The Woven Willow is a continued passion project for Mike and Heather, together with their daughter Chelsea, where new and exciting features will be added to the venue every year.

The Woven Willow provides an elegant and rustic event space where families can gather together in celebration, camaraderie, and, whereby, The Woven Willow can ‘weave families together…..one event at a time’.

Interested in having a celebration at the woven willow?

Our venue is reasonably priced, allowing you to have your dream wedding without having to make sacrifices. Enjoy the perfect barn venue for an affordable price. If you would like to host your next event with us, please reach out! We would love to be a part of your day!